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Aurelia Jellyfish

Creating the best China based solutions and support option

We work side by side with clients on every step of their enquiry or project based on requirements across each aspect of the chosen industry and selected environments. Delivering into China, specified OEM equipment from all around the globe and also manufacturing or sourcing equipment for international delivery.

Together we’re building smarter, more efficient supply and support solutions and creating a sustainable growth partnership for clients everywhere. 

Our history 

Founded and headquartered in China, and now part of the Marmion Group©, we are a focused and innovative management team combining western and Chinese Management methods. As such, Healand has evolved over the years to encompass a fine balance of our Chinese and Western approaches to the firm business grasp we have today, whilst developing growing sectors within the Marine and Offshore industry. Now with 40% of our work coming from outside China, with are still developing a close-knit and fast-growing network of offices across the region. 

Global perspective, Locally connected

Creating sustainable partnership growth means understanding both the big picture and the local complexities. This is why we have nurtured a tight-knit network that spans throughout China and beyond. Wherever we’re based, we’re part of the ecosystem. We co-create with our local and international clients. We partner with high quality OEM's, and trusted known supply bases and organisations to offer the best solution possible.

End-to-end: Supply, Engineering and Project Management

As certified management, consultants, engineers and facilitators of high quality equipment and project management services, we think differently. Our clients benefit from both technical expertise and a holistic view of how equipment, manufacture, testing and delivery work together. Working with clients across the entire value chain and project lifecycle, drives quality, innovation and success – for the long term.

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